The history Szicsek Palinka Distillery goes back to over 30 years, and officially it was founded in 1988. The distillery and all the professionals are dedicated to preserve the uniqueness of the signature drink of Hungary.

The passion for palinka is still present and hopefully, it will be the driving force in the future too, since palinka is becoming more and more popular all around the world.

The year 2003 was a crucial and defining year for Szicsek Palinka Distillery. The distillery was the winner of the Hungarian National Palinka Contest in 2003, they founded the House of Hungarian Pálinkaand opened their first shop in Budapest, the capital of Hungary.

The House became an important and unique player on the market, providing products for small producer with products of almost 60 pálinka distillers on stock.

The House of Hungarian Pálinka has earned its popularity in Hungary but the products of Szicsek Distillery are now also present on the foreign market as well including – among many others – Great Britain, Ireland, Canada, Belgium, Slovakia and Russia. Szicsek pálinkas have already won several awards: 11 champion prizes, 59 gold, 89 silver, and 64 bronze medals. Many of their palinkas have won the prestigious title of ‘Palinka of the Year’ since 2003. Some of the latest awards are the following:

  • 2010. HunDeszt Pálinka Contest – Premium Raspberry Pálinka Gold Medal
  • 2010. XVIII. International Small -Batch Pálinka Festival, Show and Fair – Aged Muscat Grape Marc – Champion Prize, Gold Medal
  • 2011. HunDeszt Pálinka Contest – Premium Wild Cherry Pálinka – Gold Medal
  • 2011. XIX. International Small -Batch Pálinka Festival, Show and Fair, Gyula, Békés Country – Muscat Grape Marc Pálinka – Gold Medal
  • 2012. HunDeszt Pálinka Contest – Premium Wild Cherry Pálinka – Gold Medal
  • 2012. I. Regional Paloc Pálinka a nd Spirit Contest – Premium Cherry Pálinka – Gold Medal
  • 2012. I. Pálinka, Fruit Spirit and Wine Brandy World Cup – Háromszék Wild Raspberry Spirit – Champion Medal

The distillery constantly tries to attract and entertain customers with new attractions. Its facilities are continuously expanding, a petting zoo, a boating lake and a palinka tasting hall will become part of this small palinka universe in the near future.

One of the most important and basic principle is to combine palinka and memory-making and recreation and for such activities, the National Park of Tiszazug – which is a beautiful nature reserve – is a perfect place for children and adults alike. Palinka is a unique drink; not only its taste unique but unlike any other spirits, it also has community forging power.

Palinka brings family members and friends closer together, it is often served for guests when they arrive to the house as a kind of welcome drink. Palinka facilitates communication as well, which is great when we are together with relatives and old memories come up, so in a way, palinka is a ‘social drink’ and it is the distilleries job to preserve its uniqueness for the future so that it can help people gather new memories and make new relationships and friends.

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