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Szicsek Palinka Distillery

Our History

The history of Szicsek Palinka Distillery dates back to 1982. It is one of the oldest brandy-brewing distilleries in Hungary. We produce brandies and distillates made from fruits grown in Hungary and the Carpathian Basin, using 1,000-1,200 tons of fruit.

Palinka is a special drink that has a place among the drinks of the world, and we are working to earn it a worthy place in the gastronomy of different nations.

We have huge orchards, and we cultivate the fruit we use for making unique Hungarian fruit brandy, palinka, following traditional methods. We don’t use any additives, preservatives, sugar etc. to make our beloved spirit.

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We offer a great variety for every price point and any occasion, from Premium to Classic palinka, made from 100% fruit.

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