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About Us

Our handcrafted palinka is made from 100% fruit, using the good old traditional methods. Szicsek Palinka Ltd. is a family-run business that has been making this award-winning spirit for over 30 years.

Our fruit brandy is made entirely from fruit – no sugar, no additives, no flavour enchancers – only distilled water has been added during the distillation process.

About Us

Palinka is Our Passion

The history of Szicsek Palinka Distillery dates back to 1982. It is one of the oldest brandy-brewing distilleries in Hungary. We produce brandies and distillates made from fruits grown in Hungary and the Carpathian Basin, using 1,000-1,200 tons of fruit.

We are actively pursuing new market opportunities to grow our exports. We take pride in being successful and polishing the reputation of Hungary as the source of premium quality pálinka, our national spirit.

What We Do

Palinka Traditions

To keep our customers happy and attract new customers, we keep adding new products, including premium spirits from all around the world.

Pálinka or fruit brandy is a traditional Hungarian fruit distillate, which is made exclusively by distilling fermented fruit mash, or fruit marrow. Pálinka, pomace pálinka and certain local variants are protected in the European Union (Protected designation of origin (PDO): the term “pálinka” can only be used by Hungary for an alcoholic drink distilled from any fruit grown on Hungarian soil.

Professionals of Palinka Production

We have huge orchards, and we cultivate the fruit we use for making unique Hungarian fruit brandy, palinka, following traditional methods. We don’t use any additives, preservatives, sugar etc. to make our beloved spirit.

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