Premium Peach Palinka (44%ABV, 0.5L)


Premium Peach Palinka :

Peach is the favourite of dormice, those foodie little gluttons around the garden. These cute critters prefer the slightly overripe fruits with lots of sugar . Taste this Premium Peach Palinka to better understand the dormouse’s point of view…

We recommend the Premium Peach Palinka spirit after light meal or good ingredients for the cocktails.

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The Fruit:

Peach and nectarines are the same species, even though they are regarded commercially as different fruits. In contrast to peaches, whose fruits present the characteristic fuzz on the skin, nectarines are characterized by the absence of fruit-skin trichomes  (fuzz-less fruit); genetic studies suggest nectarines are produced due to a recessive allele, whereas peaches are produced from a dominant allele for fuzzy skin.The trees flower fairly early (in March in western Europe) and the blossom is damaged or killed if temperatures drop below about 4 °C (25 °F).

The Story:

Although its botanical name Prunus persica refers to Persia (present Iran) from where it came to Europe, genetic studies suggest peaches originated in China, where they have been  cultivated since the early days of Chinese culture.

An apparently domesticated peach appeared very early in Japan, in 6700–6400 BP (4700–4400 BC), during the Jomon period.In India, the peach first appears by ca. 3700 BP (1700 BC), during the Harrapan period.

It is also found elsewhere in Western Asia in ancient times.Peach cultivation also went from China, through Persia, and reached Greece by 300 BC.Alexander the Great introduced the fruit into Europe after he conquered the Persians. Peaches were well known to the Romans in first century AD.  Peach trees are portrayed in the wall paintings of the towns destroyed by the Vesuvius eruption of 79 AD, while the oldest known artistic representations of the fruit are in the two fragments of wall paintings, dated back to the first century AD, in Herculaneum, now preserved in the National Archaeological Museum in Naples. The Peach was brought to the Americas by Spanish explorers in the 16th century, and eventually made it to England and France in the 17th century , where it was a prized and expensive treat..

The Medicine:

Used in traditional Chinese medicine  to dispel blood stasis,  counter inflammation and reduce allergies.It soothes nausea (especially if accompanied by a red tipped tongue or symptoms of heat) better than any other herb I’ve ever used, including Ginger.It’s safe during pregnancy, and can not just calm morning sickness but also seems to moderate some hormonal symptoms like anxiety and restless moodiness, as well as adding tone to the reproductive organs, especially the uterus.Peach is a very useful soothing, demulcent diuretic that can be used in UTI’s or urethral irritation due to constitutional dryness or dehydration.


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