Handcrafted Engraved Xmas 12pcs Miniature Palinka Selection


A unique wooden craft box which contains 12 mini-bottle of Szicsek Premium palinkas in different flavours.

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Handcrafted Engraved XMAS 12pcs Miniature Palinka Selection:

A unique wooden craft box which contains 12 mini-bottle (12x40ml) of Szicsek Premium palinkas in different flavours.


Premium Palinka:

Everybody keeps a cherished dream in their heart of hearts. Our dream is a harmoniously fruity series of middle distillation runs (the “hearts”), produced from the pick of our best production runs spanning many years. Their sensational taste, attractive look, and wide choice endear them to connoisseurs.

We all know what palinka is by now. We all know that palinka is made from 100% fruit, and only palinka produced in Hungary from fruit grown in Hungarian soil can be called palinka officially. We all know many things about palinka but there are some interesting facts that has not been analysed in detail….

You might wonder why palinka cauldrons and even saucepans are made of copper. It is not a coicidence that since ancient times, copper has been used for the distillation of alcohol, and there are a huge number of reasons why. The secret lies in the ’chemistry’ and characteristics of copper. In this article, we will….

Plum is one of the most popular fruits when it comes to palinka production. But did you know that plum has even more to offer? This versatile fruit has a huge potential as a cooking ingredient in the kitchen. As we all know, good, high-quality plum does not need ’advertisement’ but in this article we….

Have you ever wondered why some many people love palinka all around the world? It is not easy to answer such questions but one thing is for sure: palinka or in other words, fruit brandy is an all time favorite among consumers for whom quality and 100% fruit content is extremely important. Some say that…..

The special geographic features of the Carpathian Basin have already been recognized by Plinius. In the Historia Naturalis (Caius Plinius Secundus Maior, Historia Naturalis, 77), this region was called “Fruitful Pannonia”, which basically means “where fruit grow”. The geographic features of Hungary make the Hungarian soil very suitable for fruit production and the flavor and……


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