Champion Double Bedded Pear Palinka Limited Edition 40% 0,5L

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  • Colour: golden
  • Texture: full, slightly oily, lazily moving
  • Scent: dried pear, flowery
  • Flavour: pear, fruity, sweet
  • Harmony: complex, long lasting with outstanding colour, fragrance and taste
  • 500 ml
  • 40 Vol%
  • Beautiful gift box

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Delightfully deep, intensely fruity smell. Its colour is golden and its texture is slightly oily. In its savour you will discover the energetic aroma of fresh william pear and the silky charm of the dried fruit at the same time. It is a wonderful time travel.

For distillation the manufacturer uses minimum 8 kgs of fruit/litre, and a further 6 kgs of dried and fresh fruit for the bedding.


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