6 Mini Premium Bottles of Palinka in a Wooden Gift box

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6 x 40 ml Premium Szicsek Palinka in a wooden gift box

GMO-, and gluten free

100% natural, premium artisan spirit

44% ABV

Best served cold before the meal

In stock

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6 Mini Palinka Selection | Artisan Fruit Brandy in Wooden Gift Box

Palinka (or “pálinka”) is a traditional Hungarian fruit brandy. One of the most famous alcoholic beverages in Hungary and around the world.

This beautiful wooden gift box contains 6 mini bottles of Hungarian palinka. Authentically handcrafted using traditional methods and made from 100% fruit. With no sugar or flavorings added to ensure the finest quality. The manufacturing process is the following: aging in wooden barrels, which absorbs, rounds, softens and enhances the aroma of fruits.  Also it’s rich in fruitiness, with a balanced finish. Same taste, same quality, pocket-sized design.

Makes a wonderful, unique gift for Christmas, Valentine’s Days, birthday, anniversary, wedding and basically for any occasion. Moreover, even your house-warming party guests would appreciate a bottle of this fine spirit.  Each bottle is 40 ml and is 44% ABV. Best served cold or at room temperature before the meal. Planing a bigger party or event? Check the 12 mini palinka selection.

All You Need to Know About Hungarian Fruit Brandy

Pálinka is a hungaricum. A traditional Hungarian fruit spirit, which is made exclusively by distilling fermented fruit mash or fruit pulp. Pálinka, pomace brandy and certain local variants are protected in the European Union. The term “pálinka” can only be used by Hungary and four Austrian provinces. Quality fruit brandy can only be distilled using high quality ingredients. Accordingly, it is advisable to select fruits of the appropriate texture for the mash. Plum palinka and barack palinka (also called plum brandy and apricot brandy) are world famous spirits, but it varies from region to region, which fruit is more typical, which gives the spirit a special flavor.

Did you know that St. Nicholas is the patron saint of fruit brandy brewing? Yes, the good, old Santa Claus. This is why every year on 6th December, adults can celebrate the Day of Hungarian Palinka.

2 reviews for 6 Mini Premium Bottles of Palinka in a Wooden Gift box

  1. Thomas

    Bought this last year for son in law
    He loved it had great birthday

  2. Patricia

    Got it from my husband as a birthday gift. I’ve tried palinka before but I must admit that this is a high quality spirit. The taste of the fruit is remarkable. My personal favourite is raspberry palinka. Thank you, Szicsek Palinka! You have a new customer! 🙂

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