e throat, palinka consumption is recommended because it is believed to disinfect and cleanse the airways. Some people use it as pain killer and antispasmodic too. Traditionally in the past, palinka was used to clean the spot of dog or snake bite. Palinka mixed with while lilac was used to fight eye pain. Pouring palinka – or any other alcohol – onto wounds and bone fractures is an old tradition applied by many even today.

Nowadays aroma therapy is becoming more and more popular among people who are interested in alternative medicine and would like to find other ways than taking pills. Believe it or not, Hungarian palinka is a great alternative to aroma therapy oils. Palinka can only be made from excellent ingredients, such as ripen, full-bodied, aromatic, healthy fruit and the production should be a hygienic processing with fermentation and proper distillation. The carefully prepared palinka preserves the fresh smell and taste of the fruit. Fruity fragrances can be recognized even while our eyes are closed. Due to fragrances, the consumer gets relaxed, daily fatigue disappears and the smells evoke pleasant memories. What is it if not aroma therapy?

However, it is important to keep in mind that excessive alcohol and palinka consumption is very harmful for the human body and regular consumption can lead to addiction!

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